Cape Breton is a small island located at the eastern end of Nova Scotia, Canada. The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market (a family-run business), a farm and bakery in Whycocomagh, is a staple of this hidden paradise which is looking to expand. Actually, they have everything they need for this purpose, except…people. The store says they have hired all the locals who are qualified and need work, and now they’re out of options
Sisters Sandee MacLean and Heather Coulombe took over the business earlier this year from their dairy farmer parents, who started it nearly 25 years ago.

Anyone willing to move to the town will be provided with a job and 2 acres of land to live on by The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market. The farm is looking for three workers now and another three or four in the spring.
The store was flooded with phone calls in the days after the Facebook posting went up. By Tuesday, the sisters had to change the store’s voicemail message to direct people to email instead, Coulombe said.
Their family currently owns 200 acres of woodland that isn’t being used. Anyone who relocated to work at the Farmer’s Daughter could live on the land at first,. If they stay on at the store for five years, the two acres is theirs for free — as long as they cover legal costs to transfer the deed.
Unfortunately, As Cape Breton is not qualified for the Foreign Worker Program in Canada, foreign workers cannot apply for this.  It can only take people who are legally authorized to work in Canada.
However, According to Canadian law, you just need 2 documents to get a job in Canada: an invitation from a Canadian employer approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development of Canada, and a Work Permit which is issued after obtaining a temporary visa.